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I grew up in the Detroit suburb of Ferndale, Michigan. As a young person, I had very little exposure to visual art. My parents encouraged me, however, to draw and paint, even buying me my first set of oil paints when I was only seven years old. Little did they know that these were toxic materials that children seldom get to use. Later, I earned a BFA in painting from Wayne State University in Detroit. I painted for many years, mostly images of people, always thinking about color, mood, and light. In 2014, as a Master of Fine Arts Candidate in Painting at Eastern Michigan University, I had the opportunity to learn to weave fabric. It immediately took hold of my imagination. Through weaving, I found that I could express the full spectrum of colors and moods, but in real 3-dimensional space. Over the course of six months, my art practice transitioned from working with thin layers of oil paint on canvas, to handweaving semi-transparent panels of linen. My current focus is in weaving panels of linen that, when layered together, create vibrating fields of color.

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