I am a full-time artist working in painting, weaving, and installation.

For years I have been interested in memory and narratives of the past. As a child, I would replay in my mind a favorite moment of the day over and over again, sometimes for months, until I felt that moment could never be taken from me. Memory can be as vivid as what we experience in the present. But somehow, with all of its colors, smells, and textures, memory is intangible. Trying to reach for it is like reaching for the wind. It dissipates into atmosphere and cannot be grasped. Its presence is felt but it cannot be touched.


Our memories are seen through the tinted layers of our contemporary  experience. They become part of who we are. My artwork attempts to connect with these memories and embedded thoughts that are just beyond my reach.


Photo by Jordan Ewert, 2015


I grew up in the Detroit suburb of Ferndale, Michigan. Early on, my parents encouraged me to draw and paint buying me my first set of oil paints when I was only seven. Little did they know that these were toxic materials that children seldom get to use, and that these would be the materials for my work as an adult. Later, I earned a BFA in painting from Wayne State University in Detroit. I painted for many years, mostly images of people, always thinking about color, mood, and light. In 2014, as a Master of Fine Arts Candidate in Painting at Eastern Michigan University, I had the opportunity to learn to weave fabric. It immediately took hold of my imagination. Through weaving, I found that I could express the full spectrum of colors and moods, but in real 3-dimensional space. My current focus is in weaving panels of linen that, when layered together, create vibrating fields of color.


I have been actively exhibiting my work nationally, most recently at the SOFA Expo in Chicago and the Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City. I live with my husband, Leonardo, in Ann Arbor and work at Ypsi Alloy Studios in Ypsilanti, Michigan.



My artwork is available for exhibition or sale. Contact me with any questions.


I also enjoy giving artist talks.


In June 2013, I gave a short presentation on my artwork at the Armenian Congregational Church in Southfield Michigan.
Click here to watch the video produced by Muse Pictures.

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